It began on 17th july of 1936 and finished on the 1st april of 1939. There was a coup d´etat when a general of the spanish army called Francisco Franco(1892-1975), supported by two more generals(José Sanjurjo and Emilio Mola) that were all nationalist, became the dictator of the country(1939-1975). During this civil war a lot of cities and villages were destroyed by bombs and a lot of people were killed in firings squads. One of the most important ones was Federico García Lorca(he was accused and then executed from being homosexual) .

This civil war was supported by the Nazis(something similar happened to Mussolini, a dictator of Italy). Although this war was bad , Franco also made good things, like reservoirs to preserve the water in Spain and for having enough water for all the inhabitants.

The war finished on the 1st of april in 1939 with a peace treaty signed by Francisco Franco.

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Francisco Franco (1892-1975) Troops preparing for war.