The temple was built in the early seventeenth century by the archbishop of Brindisi, Lorenzo Reinoso, being master builder, Francisco Sanz, which concluded all the work in 1661.

It is another of the churches named in the Law of Madrid of 1202 as the oldest in Madrid. May be built above what was the Moorish mosque suburb of Morería

In the War of Independence, the temple was attacked by the French, in the civil war, the temple is again assaulted, losing great art, but some were saved, as in the case of the painting of the main altar.


The legend of this church says that there is a large bell that for its size and weight could not climb and one morning dawned start and since then had powers to ward off storms and storms, to the point that when it was used said "let us flee, touching San Pedro bell".
Originally the name of this church was "San Pedro el Real," and so it was for centuries until 1891 when it ceased to be a parish in favor of the present Church of the Dove, whose official name is that it is precisely this "St. Pedro the Real "

Soon they decided to rename the ancient temple with the name "San Pedro el Viejo" in order to honor his long seniority.

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