Palace of the Dukes of Abrantes, Madrid. Team 5

This building is located in the number 86 of the Calle Mayor, in Madrid. It belongs to the Italian state and it is currently the Italian Culture Institute Headquarters. It was built between 1653 and 1655 by the architect Juan Maza. After having different owners, in 1842, it was acquired by the Dukes of Abrantes, which still give name to the palace nowadays. These dukes reformed it and made the changes that make it how it is today. In the year 1888 it was purchased by the Italian state to establish their embassy there.
It consists of three floors and inside it has several rooms for exhibitions, conferences, cinematographic projections, etc. It also includes a theatre, a library and even a kitchen. In the façade, it has mural paintings and a wood eave that overhangs the wall.


These are some images from the inside of the Abrantes Palace:
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Palacio de Abrantes, casa de Italia en Madrid
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