Although the war had terrible consequences it also inspired many writers to write novels or theatre plays talking about how terrible the war was and although some of them were written in that moment there are a lot which have been written recently using the inspiration of those old ones.
Some of these books are:
  • A sangre y fuego (Manuel Chaves Nogales 1936-1937): group of stories, which mix some fiction with the horror that people, really had to live during the war. Although the writer was living in France during this war he really knew how to express the fear and nervousness that people felt.
  • La gran cruzada (Gustav Regler 1938): it is an autobiographical novel which talks about how Regler lived the civil war in Spain until the moment he moved to France. The novel was going to be published in French, German and English in that same year but really it didn’t appeared in the market until 1940 in New York just with the English version.
  • Primera memoria (María Matute 1959): this parable about the civil war tells the story of how María and her cousin Borja live their adolescence with a francoist attitude.
  • El niño republicano (Eduardo Haro Tecglen 1996): it is an story about the second republic living it through the eyes of a child which mother sewed a flag hiding it under the bed so that no one could punish her
  • Mujeres que caminan sobre hielo (Gloria Ortiz 2014): this fictional novel is based in the postwar and tells the story of three good friends which have to live a hard live going though the bad memories of the war and thinking on the future of their children at the same time they deal with their husbands.

If we are interested in this topic we can see an exposition about it in the Lope de Vega’s house from the 12 of may to the 2 of October (2016).