Is the daughter of Carlos V and Isabel of portugal. She born in Madrid in 1535 and diez un “El Escorial” in 1573. In 1552 he marriage wirh Juan Manuel of Portugal, together they have a son called Sebastian I.In 1560 he founded in Madrid the convent of las Descalzas Reales.

Early years
On June 24, 1535 she was born, she was the third and the last daughter of Carlos V and Isabel of Portugal. Juana was baptized a few days after his birth, on June 30, by the then Archbishop of Toledo, Juan Tavera. After the arrival of Felipe II Juan a left the post of gorvernor.

Her marriage
The 11 of january It was made official his marriagewith Juan Manuel of Portugal. Juana had 7 years old and Juan had 5 years old. They decide to put off the wedding to the age of 12 years old. in the year 1551 she marries with Juan and in 1552 they arrive from their trip. The 2 of january of 1554 died Juan after a long agony.Juana was just four months with his son , because after the death of her husband, his brother Philip asked to return to Spain to be named governor

Juana build the Monastery of las descalzas reales in 1557,she dedicate her life to care of her children and governate Spain. The 7 of Septembre of 1573 she died because a tumor and she was buried in the Monastery of las descalzas reales.
  • She defend the Jesuits from the Dominican Melchor Cano.

  • Intervened to prevent Francisco de Borja was named cardinal, before the prohibition of the Jesuits to accept ecclesiastical dignities,
  • He served the needs of the Roman School of the order;

  • He helped the foundation of a school in Valladolid ;

  • He supported the establishment Jesuit in the Belgian city of Leuven

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