Where is located

The Colegiata of San Isidro is located in the number 37 of the street of Toledo, between the Plaza of the Cebada and the Plaza Mayor.

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The Colegiata of San Isidro is a catholic church of the XVII century. Was the Cathedral of Madrid since the construction of the Cathedral of the Almudena in 1992.

How it was built

The church was built between 1622 and 1664 and was built in 1620 by the jesuita Pedro Sánchez, following the model of the church of the Gesú of Roma. In 1768, with the expulsion of the jesuits, the church was converted in a Colegiata.

The expulsion of the Jesuitas

The expulsion of the Jesuitas occur in 1768 during the reign of Carlos III. The Jesuits were accused of heeding the Vatican against the king’s volition, to promote provalistics doctrines, to sympathizing with the theory of the regicide, having encouraged the riots of Esquilache a year earlier and defend the laxity in their Colleges and Universities. The expulsion occur in the night so they could expulse Jesuitas better.

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Outwardly, the Colegiata of San Isidro is difficult to see because is surrounded of buildings. They emphasize its side towers, its front with columns and figures representing San Isidro Labrador and his wife Santa María de la Cabeza.
The church is full of decorations inside, in the chapels and the altar. On the main altar is the tomb of the patron saint of Madrid . The chapels are interconnected . Altarpiece of the Holy Family , St. Joseph Chapel and the Chapel of Jesus del Gran Poder.
This church is one of the best examples of Madrid Baroque. In 1936 almost he disappeared due to a fire, but was rebuilt after the Civil War.


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