The Church of San sebastian was founded the 1 of may of 1541 by the archbishop of Toledo, Juan de Tavera, and its name was inspired in an hermitage near the sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Atocha. In 1554 the maester Antonio Sillero started building a new temple which construction was really low becauseof the lack of money, it was finished in 1578 when the decorative work started. Some years after, the construction of the tower took place, which lasted just one year (1612-1613). After a while some congregations and brotherhoods established themselves in the new temple as the Misericordia, Nuestra Señora de Belén de los Arquitectos, el Cristo de la Fe o los Alabarderos de Palacio.

Everything seems to be perfect until 1936 when suddenly the church got burned destroying almost everything, but the destruction of the church didn’t end there, the night from the 19 to the 20 of November of this same year a war bomb destroyed it completely leaving just the head of the temple, the chapel of the architects, the gate and the tower. After all this has happened the architect Francisco Iñiguez Almech decided to rebuilt the church (from 1943 to 1959) but changing its orientation, that’s how we can see it now.

When we get inside the church the amplitude of the mainnave will catch our attention together with the dome (made by Antonio de la Cruz Collado), which light the building following the Arab models. We can also distinguish some paintings and sculptures made by well known artists as Matías Ximeno, Dionisio Mantuano or Víctor Gonzalez Gil between others.

In any case this building is mainly known because of the great registryit has which contains christenings, births, marriages and deceased about people as Ramón de la Cruz, Jacinto Benavente, Miguel de Cervantes or Antonio de Pereda. Things that helped it to received the title of historical-artistic monument (1969) together with the tomb of Lope de Vega who died in 1635 and whose body was moved to a common pit some years after being buried in this church.


external image San%252520Sebasti%2525C3%2525A1n%252520desde%252520calle%252520Atocha_thumb.jpg?imgmax=800external image Espa%C3%B1a_-_Madrid_-_Iglesia_Parroquial_de_San_Sebasti%C3%A1n_-_Interior.JPG