Casa de la Villa, situated in the historical zone, between Plaza del Sol and Plaza de Oriente, is the Old Town Hall of Madrid. It was one of the main points of medieval activity. The construction started in the year 1644 when Juan Gómez de Mora (the architect of the Plaza Mayor) was commissioned to create headquarters for council meetings.
The building served as town hall and prison, and that’s why there are two doors. The left one gave entrance to the prison and the other one to the town hall. It was not complete finished until 1969, although the columns facing of the Calle Mayor were added much later. Is made up of adove and granite and now it’s main entrance is the Coat of Arms of the city of Madrid.
On the other hand, in the 15th century, adopted its modern name. Before Don Álvaro de Bazán’s death, the city council opt to built a monument in his memory.


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