Casa de Cisneros at number 4, Plaza de la Villa, was built in 1537 by the nephew of Cardinal Cisneros, the man who founded the University of Alcalá. Benito Jiménez de Cisneros, the nephew, built Casa de Cisneros on the southern side of Plaza de la Villa in the historic centre of Madrid to the west of the city centre.
A striking statue of Álvaro de Bazán standing on a white pedestal occupies the central part of Plaza de la Villa. Bazán was commander of the Spanish Armada, known as the Invincible Armada in Spain. The pedestal was designed by the architect, Miguel Aguado, and the statue was created by sculptor, Mariano Benlliure. The combined pedestal and statue stands three metres tall.
Casa de Cisneros is the second oldest building in Plaza de la Villa. The Torre de los Lujanes is the oldest structure in the square, and probably the oldest building in Madrid. Casa de Cisneros has a Plateresque decorative frontage design. This is a style derived from the late Gothic period of Castile, and the example at Casa de Cisneros is almost unique in Madrid.
The building is located at the southside of the square. In 1590 it served as a refuge and prison for Antonio Pérez. Pérez was secretary to the king and he spent some time imprisoned in the house, he was tortured there, but surprisingly, he could escape with the help of his wife, who gave him her clothes so in that way he could be seen as a woman and escape from the house. A stunning collection of tapestries can also be found housed in Casa de Cisneros.
Ramon Narvaez Maria y Campos, first Duke of Valencia, a military man and a politician of Spain, once lived in Casa de Cisneros. He is one of the more famous people who died there. His death was on April 23rd 1868.
In the early 20th century, two architects, Bellido and Luis Gonzalez, did some restoration work on Casa de Cisneros. They also created an arched passageway that connects between Casa de Cisneros and Casa de la Villa.

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