• The old Moncloa Palace: The civil war( 1936-1939) meant the disappearance of the property. In 1955 it held its reconstruction, to be used as a residence of a national and foreing personalities. With the advent of the democracy, the Moncloa Palace was turned into the official residence of the President of Government and his family. Its first tenant das Adolfo Suárez, who opened the house un 1977
  • Oratory of Caballero de Gracia: Is a neoclassical church located in Madrid, with entrance through streets of Gran Vía. The original oratory was built in 1654, but its ruined state in the mid-eigtheenth century needed rehabilitation. The facade of the street Caballero de Gracia, designed in 1789, was not built until 1830. Later the building was restored , and in 2003 a rehabilitation of lights, paintings and stained glass presbytery is concluded .
  • Friedenskirche: In spanish ˋiglesia de la paz´. Is located behind a wall in the Nº6 Paseo de la Castellana. During the civil war some people used it as a refuge
  • Ciudad Universitaria de Madrid: Mediated 1936, the Faculty of Medicine, the Clinical and the School of Dentistry were finished. From 1936, the university city was the defence of Madrid, from attacks by rebel troops.