It was built in 1520 by Francisco de Vargas and his son, Gutierre de Vargas (Bishop of Plasencia) to house the remains of San Isidro. Works were completed in 1535, in the year to be deposit the remains of the Saint, to the Church of Saint Andrew is responsible for the relic in 1544, being dedicated exclusively to Funeral Chapel of the Vargas. Save there the body of the Bishop of Plasencia (Gutierre de Vargas), the chapel was named Bishop's Chapel .in 1936 the Church was burned down. The paintings, sculptures of the niches and the canopy that guarded the remains of the Saint were lost with this. In 1966 the reforms ended and left as Temple a part of the antecapilla and cruzero, the Bishop's Chapel leaving walled and San Isidro. National monument since 1931

The outer part of the building consists of a nave divided into three equal parts, and a polygonal, apse with large buttresses on the outside, large columns that hold the structure of the building that does not expire for the weight.The vaults are made of rib
Along with poorly designed ornaments of the façade are seven framed windows,one by one, by a double molding with floral reliefs decorating around the mark.The facade is decorated by an outgoing cornice and adjusted, while the bottom is a grand staircase that allows you to save the unevenness