Is located in the centre of Madrid.
Is one of the nine access to the Plaza Mayor.external image Lep7sSfCmfE6Cg8iHEow1MA95hzasSX8ygT1G45o1NEtSMvRQcV3qhjk_5ZzUCyAm-BoHqbcxmbr3NMeu-eMYdAPXBp6x1dz5dseL1vgEoLxka3unSvWprqjjR0-hNdlthsTvZ5l


Its official name is “Calle de la Escalerilla de Piedra”external image hPM0hkwySAyXWRKdfP73_tpsQy4vtChlwihDsUb6uRZHC157BAVo1qXHo7iHOLjapY0HKKDeJMO7NtME6fnsAxC91_zN6YEDqRXNej-yX5GHywYJ1Gdjl5L42lWn_hHkAFfltZYr

After a fire in the Plaza Mayor in 1790, the square was completely closed, and a series of arcades were built to give access to it.

It was constructed by Juan Gómez de Mora, that completed the works of the big Madrilenian place in 1619

Its name comes from the street to which it gives access: «La Calle De Cuchilleros», which is called like that because between «Cava de San Miguel» and «Cava Baja», the Cutlers guild workshop were located.

The arch was built to compensate for the different levels of this street and the Plaza Mayor.
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Main characteristics

Construction: Arch
Artistic period: Baroque
Historic period: 17th century


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Madrid, Cuchilleros Arch