St. Michael's Basilica

It is located next to the Archbishop's Palace, in the heart of the area known as Old Madrid
Its construction began in 1739 and was completed in 1745. It was built on the instructions of Luis Antonio de Borbón y Farnesio, archbishop of Toledo. The main architect was the Italian, Santiago Bonavia, who was brought to Madrid in 1731 by Phillip V.
This building is unusual in Spanish baroque architecture for its italian influence and its convex façade.
Especially striking is its facade, a convex shape , topped by two towers with spiers, oriental influence , and a pediment , also curved.
The vaults of the nave are decorated with frescoes by Bartolomeo Rusca , made ​​in 1745, in which the heavenly apotheosis of Saints Justo and Pastor is represented by four virtues in the spandrels and Elijah, Jeremiah , David and Isaiah painted by Hatoy in the triangular areas of the front and rear sections .